Premium Carpet Cleaning

Premium Carpet Cleaning

Admit it; the thought of getting your carpet cleaned is not very exciting. We understand those feelings here at A Clean Pro. We make it our priority to do whatever it takes to make the process as easy as possible for you. Our biggest desire is to do an efficient job so that you have the minimum amount of “downtime” as possible on the day of your cleaning.

Here are some answers to our most commonly asked questions:

When should we have our carpets cleaned again?
Most manufacturers requite the carpet to be cleaned once a year for warrantee purposes.

Each client’s situation is unique. You could have just had a newborn baby, or maybe you have children running around the house with juice cups; you could be suffering from allergies or maybe you’ve just adopted a brand new kitten or puppy into your home; perhaps you’ve just given up on asking your kids to take their shoes off at the door. Each of these situations would require a different answer to how often you can go between cleanings. Although, keep in mind that major carpet manufacturers advise having your carpets cleaned professionally every year to year and a half.

Are all carpet cleaners the same?
No. Like many other industries, carpet cleaners can range from new, inexperienced and uneducated cleaners, unethical bait and switch companies, to large franchises. Use these five values to help you determine if they are truly a professional carpet cleaning company that you want in your home: Reputation, Experience, Education, Systems, and Guarantee. A Clean Pro bases their mission, “To Provide The Most Outstanding Service Experience Ever.” on each one of these values and performs a 12-Step cleaning process every time they clean your carpet. This is a process that provides maximum soil and spot removal, without getting your carpet over-wet or leaving behind sticky residue. This process makes sure that your carpet is as close as possible to the condition you received it from the factory.

A Clean Pro’s Reputation is second to no other. Our company is referred exclusively by the High Deserts most reputable Carpet Retailers, Property Managers, and Realtors. A Clean Pro has Experience in cleaning every type of flooring, carpet and fabric type. We are also experienced in determining any type of soiling condition that can arise in our industry. Education is vital to A Clean Pro. We are certified by the IICRC and hold many different cleaning certifications. The IICRC is the world’s most identified body of certification for carpet and upholstery cleaners. A Clean Pro’s 12-Step Cleaning System is the most advanced cleaning system on the market and is designed to remove the maximum amount of soil and never leave your carpet with a sticky residue. A Clean Pro‘s Guarantee offers you 100% guarantee or your money back. Our technicians will return to your home to re-clean the area if you are not 100% satisfied. If you are still unsatisfied with the cleaning we will stand behind our guarantee and provide you with your money back. With these five values and A Clean Pro’s 12-Step cleaning process we are able to provide you with the most exceptional service experience ever.

What makes A Clean Pro unique?

Just imagine that all of the staff training, technician experience, quality of products and equipment doesn’t affect your decision on what company you will choose to serve you. Can you remember the last time you had a repair or service person of any kind in your home? Were they caring and concerned about your opinion and your needs? Did you ever get left with more work and messes to clean up after they were done? Did you find extras added to your bill that you weren’t expecting? Were they at your home on time? Did you feel comfortable with them in your home?

At A Clean Pro we understand these feelings and share your concerns about your family and your home. It’s our promise to treat you and your family, your home, and your pets with the highest respect and care. A Clean Pro‘s technicians come to your home in professionally marked vehicles and in clean company uniforms ready to address your cleaning needs. We recognize that getting prepared to have your carpet and upholstered furniture cleaned is a large job. We respect you, your time, and your home. We promise to call in the event we will be more than 15 minutes past your appointed time slot.

Most importantly—A Clean Pro is unique because from the moment we meet until we say “good bye and thank you”, you and your needs are our first priority. We truly care about your service just as much as you do. It's our goal to have more than satisfied happy customers- we want you to become our cheerleaders!

When you experience the quality of A Clean Pro’s services, you will understand for yourself the difference between our company and our competitors.

12-Step Carpet Cleaning Process

√ Step 1: Pre-Inspection
A technician will inspect your carpet visually during a walk through with you and will identify any possible permanent staining. He will listen to any concerns that you have and give you an evaluation of the expected results.

√ Step 2: Commercial Pre-Vacuum
A powerful commercial vacuum is used for thorough removal of the dry soil. This is one of the most important and overlooked steps in our cleaning process.

√ Step 3: Move Furniture
Under our regular pricing schedule, we will move your tables, chairs, sofas and smaller items.

√ Step 4: Traffic Lane Treatment
For a thorough cleaning our preconditioning traffic lane cleaning agent is applied. This is to emulsify and break down the soiling in your traffic areas.

√ Step 5: Pre-spot Treatment
To increase chances of removal, difficult spots are pre-treated with special solutions.

√ Step 6: Pre-groom/Agitate
In some situations pre-grooming is used to loosen the soil in the carpet even further, a professional carpet groomer is used.

√ Step 7: Extract and Rinse
The carpet is then rinsed thoroughly with A Clean Pro‘s powerful truck-mounted hot water extraction system without leaving any residue or over-wetting your carpet.

√ Step 8: Neutralizing Treatment
Included in the above step the pH is then balanced to ensure that there will be no residue left behind and that your carpet is fresh and soft.

√ Step 9: Post Spotting Treatment
Technicians use special spotting solutions to address any spots left behind. To give your carpet a longer life, don’t forget to apply professional carpet protector to your carpet!

√ Step 10: Post-Grooming
With some carpet a professional grooming tool is then used to set the carpet pile straight up when we leave. This step aids the carpet in drying faster and in an upright position.

√ Step 11: Speed Dry
High velocity air movers are then set on the carpet to promote a more efficient dry time.

√ Step 12: Post Cleaning Inspection
A walk through will be done to inspect the cleaning results and make sure that you are 100% satisfied.

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