Tile & Grout Cleaning and Sealing

Tile & Grout Cleaning and Sealing

Simply because of the work involved in cleaning ceramic tile it has become the most misused and neglected floor surface in the home. No one enjoys scrubbing each individual tile, not to mention all of those endless grout lines, with a tiny brush for hours. Not only that but dealing with the harsh smelling and potentially dangerous chemicals used to clean tile is no fun either.

Help is on the way! A Clean Pro can take care of restoring your tile to its original beautiful state. We only use environmentally friendly products that won’t harm your family or your pets.

A Clean Pro is certified in the proper cleaning of ceramic tile and will use their knowledge and experience as they clean for you. We will heat purified water to just over 200 degrees and then using over 800 pounds of water pressure, apply the markets most scientifically advanced products while using the right tools and attachments for the best cleaning. The cleaning results speak for themselves. Those unsightly stains and germs on your tile don’t stand a chance after A Clean Pro is finished providing you with their 8-Step cleaning process. Your tile and grout will be restored to their original beauty. Once cleaned, we very highly recommend that you protect your tile and grout by sealing them with our advanced sealant.

8 Step Tile Cleaning System

1. Pre-Inspection
Challenging areas are noted and solutions are discussed with the homeowner in each area and expectations of cleaning are fully addressed.

2. Area Preparation
Areas surrounding the tile are prepared, making sure not to disturb any carpeted or hardwood floors.

3. Dry-Soil Removal
Tile is thoroughly swept and vacuumed, maximizing the results we obtain. As in any cleaning process, dry soil removal is the most important.

4. Soil-suspension
The most scientifically advanced tile cleaner on the market is sprayed over the entire surface of your tile.

5. Cleaning
Challenging areas are agitated with a brush. The entire floor is then cleaned using a state-of-the-art self-contained pressure cleaning system.

6. Rinsing
A rinse solution is pumped through the machine during the cleaning to sanitize and balance the pH of the floor.

7. Sealing/Finishing
We can then apply a high-quality sealant to protect all of the grout lines.

8. Post-Inspection
Technicians will initiate a walk through and go over results before leaving.

At A Clean Pro our goal is to keep your home clean and healthy. We are just a phone call away to solve all of your tile and grout needs.

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