Upholstery Cleaning

Upholstery Cleaning

We are proud to be considered the most experienced and educated upholstery cleaner in the High Desert.

We are experienced in cleaning every type of fabric, even delicate fabrics. Whether your furniture is heavily soiled or just needs a light cleaning, we will use our full 12-Step cleaning process on each job to make your upholstered furniture beautiful again.

To keep your upholstered furniture looking beautiful and to protect it from future damage, we recommend applying a professional grade Fabric Protector on each piece.

12-Step Upholstery Cleaning Process

1. Pre-inspection:
A Clean Pro‘s technician will pre-inspect your upholstery, taking note of the condition of the soiling and the type of fabric. The technician will point out to you if there are any areas that have stains that may be permanent.

2. Floor protection:
Your carpet or hard floors will be protected with an absorbent material to ensure that we do not drip or over spray as we clean the upholstery.

3. Pre-vacuum:
A very important step in the cleaning process that is often skipped, is vacuuming with a commercial vacuum. This step helps remove the dry soil before we begin the cleaning.

4. Pre-treat:
Special cleaning agents are “pre-sprayed” on the fabric. These various compounds are each specific to the soiling condition and fabric of your upholstery. This also makes rinsing the fabric more effective because the soil is loosened up.

5. Pre-Agitate:
Technicians will use a horsehair brush or a white towel to agitate the pre-spray into the fabric fibers.

6. Rinse & Extract:
An upholstery extraction tool is then used to rinse the soil out of the fabric. The fabric is cleaned and deodorized in this step. We regulate our water pressure to ensure that your upholstery will not be over wet.

7. Neutralize:
The pH is balanced on every piece of furniture we clean to ensure that no residue is left behind. Depending on the soiling condition we may apply the neutralizer as a rinse treatment thru the machine or we may apply it after we rinse the fabric.

8. Post spot treatment:
Specific spotting treatments are applied if there are any spots that did not come up during the cleaning process.

9. Dry toweling:
If needed, we will then use a white towel to aid in moisture absorption and to accelerate the drying time.

10. Speed dry:
High velocity air movers are used to speed up the drying process.

11. Post grooming:
We will use a grooming brush or white towel to set the nap of the fabric in one direction.

12. Post inspection:
The technician will inspect the upholstery with you to make sure that you are thoroughly pleased. Please sign our service receipt to let us know that you are happy with the cleaning.

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